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Streaming legacy processes with digitalization

The Legacy process was completely manual, with clients relying on Excel sheets to manage data. The complexity of managing a tracker with different master data made the process highly complicated. There was no high-level dashboard for quick access to data, and reporting was missing, leading to data loss. Additionally, there was no approval process, and user management was nonexistent, causing further issues.


To streamline the Legacy process, a web portal was developed with process digitalization. The solution was deployed on the cloud, making it easier to maintain master data. The implementation of a dashboard and reporting system provided quick access to vital information, and an approval process was put in place. User management was also established, solving the issues caused by its absence.



  1. Improved accuracy and efficiency in data management
  2. Quick access to high-level dashboard, enabling better decision-making
  3. Reporting system reduced the risk of data loss
  4. Approval process and user management ensured secure and reliable data management.


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