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Data modernization

Project Objective:

A FinTech Flash-built Distributed Marketing Administration tool faced an obstacle which hindered the ability to perform ad-hoc, self-service tasks as browsers and operating systems beyond 2020 unsupported Flash. Upgrading to modern tech was crucial for continued accessibility.

Proposed Solution:

  • We upgraded Administrative Tools through a structured approach.
  • Analysed existing system’s functionality and workflow.
  • Migrated tools to modern technology stack using Angular 8 and PrimeNG.
  • Implemented agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban for effective communication and seamless collaboration.


Enhanced Accessibility:
Seamless access to admin tools, regardless of the browser or OS.

Improved User Experience:
Enhanced and intuitive user experience.

Scalability and Functionality:
Easy integration of new features and functionalities.

Seamless Transition:
Minimized disruption and facilitated hassle-free transition for the client and admin users.

Improved Performance:
Improved performance and efficiency resulting in increased productivity for client’s administrative teams.

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