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Artificial Intelligence


  • One of our client’s E-Commerce application is required to host thousands of users every day. Therefore, the client wants to go for a higher volume load tests.
  • Application must be able to handle the load of 20,000 concurrent users.
  • Customer expectation includes the highly efficient application with pre-fixed response time and number of transactions per second.
  • Application should be able to behave as expected under specified load “20,000 concurrent users” and should have the Fail Over control.


  • Understood the client’s requirement and proposed 4 rounds of performance test cycles having minimum four tests each with best suited tool to be used for load testing. Proposed load testing with an objective of 20,000-users load test, load will be scaled to a level of 20,000 users based on the findings of earliest tests.
  • Compile suitable test cases that would meet the exact need of performing the load testing with precise functionalities to be used during the testing
  • Performed load testing in three stages, the first is Test Preparation, the second is Test Execution and the third is Reporting and Tuning in coordination with the Development team and jotted down a Test Plan and RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix).


  • Helped client in mitigating the challenges and improving the application performance.
  • The client has observed 127% improvement in the performance of the application when compared to the previous.
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