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Artificial Intelligence

Our esteemed client’s need:

Client have an internet marketing company whose core domain is travel industry. They cater online hospitality marketing and consulting services for hotel, resorts, and travel clients across the globe.

Below are the 4 primary concerns

Scalability: Being travel domain, customers inflow must be handled as plethora of customers interact over an application.

Efficiency: End users while landing on the web page would like to have respond within seconds. Hence, elevating more time in loading page would discourage user to shift to another application.

Reliability: As and when needed, application should scale up itself to proffer use of end users.

Fail Over: Functionality should be robust and sinewy to handle sky-scrapping load during festivals or during travelling seasons. Fail over control system would encourage user to further use application.

What was the solution?

  • AIT has tailored solution for each challenging situation. After scrutinizing situation, AIT stock up performance testing on HTTPS and HTTP protocols. Tests were carried out on UI and AJAX components.
  • Identified the impediments and suggested proven measures to overcome performance challenges based on the tests of concurrent users.
  • Nitty-gritty parameters such as thread counts, CPU usage, connections etc. were monitored. The application was profiled with help of DOT Trace and SQL profiler.

How was client profited?

  • Tests were supported with the help of response times to focus on the analysis.
  • Web Server efficiency was put on tests by classifying blockage due to resource usage of Kapow which is running on the same web server.
  • Recommendation over gilt-edge thread count based on execution or outcome of testing.
  • Existing stored procedure time captured and identified the hanker to elevate them.
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