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Topic Accelerating reach to Health Care Insurance Service Providers.

  • A leading U.S. healthcare insurance provider realized that meeting customer expectations and demands in reaching out to the nearest service provider can significantly boost its business agility and operational efficiency.
  • Problem Statement was to figure out a consolidated list of health service providers providing the Insurance Plans and located within the given radius across the US Location Map to have faster access and can be consulted for any queries in no time.
  • Regularly updating the list of service providers based on their locations so that users residing near them would be able to reach out to them in minimum time. This ultimately targeted on the need of maintaining and updating huge amount of detailed data at once.

Mindful of the insurance provider’s need to minimize disruption during and after the implementation, we recommended the best suited architecture keeping in mind all the system-based requirements like :

  • Develop a radius-based algorithm that can provide the zip codes of associated service providers based on their location and fetch the relevant details like contact numbers, address, specialized area etc.
  • ETL tool to be used for data cleaning before storing the data into DB using ETL loading.
  • Restful services helping to connect the UI with Java developed business layer and DB, providing better security.
  • NoSQL Database MongoDB to be used to make the huge data storage and retrieval less costly and more effective.
  • Bulk uploads using simple csv format to be used for upload of bulk data using ETL layer to validate and cleanse/update data before upload.

Real time access to the need – Service Provider details who can provide information about the Insurance plan that the customer is looking out for :

  • Low data management and maintenance cost.
  • NoSQL database helping save time and space for Data Storage.
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